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      Main productsProvide energy saving and environmental protection products for enterprises

      Polymer and grinding aid

      Focused on additives for 15 years, the fifth generation of products is tailor-made for you.

      One of the formulation units of the national standard "Cement Grinding Aid" (GB / T 26748-2011);

      Breakthrough reduction of 8% clinker consumption;

      The cost per ton of cement is saved by more than 10 yuan.

      Ingenuity is eternalCommitted to environmental admixture this great environmental protection cause
      research and development innovation
      The company is based on the professional scientific research strength of Tsinghua University, Wuhan University of Technology and Ningxia University.
      Intelligent control, stable quality
      The factory adopts intelligent production, the product quality is stable, and the production control is strict.
      Business and management philosophy
      Focus, innovation, fairness and sharing.
      Unique profit model
      According to the demand of the market, the products are constantly updated, so that each partner can get stable and long-term benefits, so that their employees slowly grow into the boss.
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      Main products
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      Address:7F, Building C, Jiangsu Software Park, Dongji Avenue, Jiangning District, Nanjing, China
      Tel:025-52070610    Email:wangyanyan@cemenaid.com
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